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As a parent, you want nothing more than for your child to be healthy. Regular checkups with your family doctor are an important part of maintaining good physical health. These visits allow for your doctor to detect and correct minor problems before they become major health concerns. You may not think of acupuncture as an important piece of your child's health care. However, it can be an essential alternative therapy to help regain and maintain your child's health.


Here Are a Few Stressors That Can Affect a Child's Health

  • Accidents/Falls  Children often fall and hurt themselves. Physical trauma blocks the free movement of Qi Eventually, this can lead to less than adequate nourishment for the body and organ systems, which over time can build up and can lead to specific symptoms and sign.
  • Environment  Exposure to environmental and chemical hazards can have a direct impact upon a child’s health. This may make them susceptible to things like colds, allergies, asthma and digestive troubles.
  • Diet  A diet lacking in proper nutrition can affect organ function and eventually overall health and well-being. Acupuncture helps strengthen and support out-of-balance organs.
  • Emotions  Children may experience unpleasant situations that affect them emotionally. They can internalize the stress from these situations, and over time, this stress can manifest into various signs and symptoms.


If not properly detected and cared for, stressors can lead to an inadequate supply of Qi necessary to nourish and support health. Eventually, your child may have symptoms and signs of illness, disease and pain could appear.


An acupuncture checkup could be valuable in determining the present and future health and well-being of your child. Caring for your child's health with acupuncture is safe, natural, drug-free and effective. It's the perfect way to enable your child to grow, thrive and be healthy.


“I recommend acupuncture be us d as an adjunctive therapy for children. Acupuncture is safe and effective. For patients who have no interest in taking additional medica ions or who are already receiving maximal medical treatment, acupuncture is a viable alternative.”

-Dr. K. Kemper, Pediatrician at Brenner Children's Hospital